Reimagining Juicing for Life - JUlaVIE

Juicing at home is never easy. Our innovation changes the way we perceive ‘make your own juice’ at home. Partnering with Leo and his team from iTaste at their Shanghai HQ, we reimagined how we can deliver freshly made cold pressed juice at home, anytime, anywhere.

Our strategy as an ecosystem

We have partnered with local farms and fruit delivery service companies in various regions to deliver the freshest juice ever. Our latest stage of development also involves partnering with food engineers to innovate preserved fruit packs that can last for 30 months and more without cold chain storage.

What innovation means to us

An affordable tabletop cold press juicer that’s engineered to press nutrient-dense, raw produce into a glass in 90 seconds. It’s powerful, fast, and effortless—without cleaning.

Innovative Juicer is a revolutionary lifestyle product that delivers 100% pure juice from chopping fruits which come in pre packed bags. Users can also mix and match their own choice of juice by preparing fruits in the reusable cotton bags provided along with the machine.

Our bigger plans ahead

With such a well designed and engineered system, we aim to vertically integrate our juicing technology across commercial and retail applications. In early 2018, we have started our venture in creating a whole new experience of JUlaVIE - Smart Juice Vending. We hope to integrate big data, AI and IOT into the system to deliver personalised, hygienic and highly-efficient cold press juice vending solution for the global market. Without doubt, the logistics and operation flow of pre-packed juicing packs will be our core development and we have partner up with major fruit suppliers right here in Hong Kong to co-create and test the market feedback. Stay tuned for our newest updates on the development of our vending solution!


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