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An Answer to Future Retail

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

A project on exploring and adapting the concept of future retail in specific scenarios for retailers, manless shops and convenience stores.

Content experience

Together with our building partner in China, we started to explore the possibilities of adapting cashless payment and manless shop operation concept to specified scenarios including coffee shops which are widely spreader out in Europe. Our partner in Italy has requests on an innovative manless coffee shop that accommodates 24/7 coffee vending machines, desktop coffee countertop machines for retail and a cohesive coffee capsule format linking everything up.

An adaptive application

The biggest challenge was to adapt the cashless payment that has been developed for China market using WeChat social media platform. However, with our global strategy, we had to come up with an user-friendly solution that not only brings convenience to European customers, but also an engaging and interactive experience.

Our technology enables facial recognition and membership registration to bundle with the member's identity and payment gateway. We have partnered with a holistic payment gateway provider in Hong Kong to realise cross-platform payment including Bank cards, NFC membership cards and more.

The tailor-made App was designed to integrate online and offline shopping experience, hence creating personalised shopping preference for each of our customers.

As part of the design we also developed a modular system of a design-and-build shop fixture for quick and cost-effective renovation for applications in 'shop in shop' format, adapting the use of 3D printing technology. Our facial recognition and sensory module has been designed to fit in almost every locked door. It is easy to use, works like a door handle with hidden tech behind.

In the coming months, we are delighted to be able to launch this concept showrooms at our very own experience centre in the Hong Kong Science Park and we have aligned with lifestyle product retailers to showcase the advance shopping experience, without your wallet!


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