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Revolution of the fruit market - Smart Fridge

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Teaming up with one of the most established family-run fruit business to reimagine the retail scenario of fruit selling, revolutionising the traditional retail model with technology and smart retail solution.

Utilising design thinking to identify problems with empathy

Supermarkets are the major outlets for fruit selling and there are problems of floor space, life cycle of fruits and preservation of such perishable inventory. We are asked by our partner to identity and research on the existing market and industry problems, and we analysed the market distribution channels, supply chain ecosystem and different stadholder's propositions, including fruit growers, operators, retailers and end-users.

A smart retail solution

Our innovation is to bridge the gap between end-users (shoppers) to the growers through a means of retail solution, allowing them to interact directly without going through non-transparent layers of distribution channels. It is a retail furniture that is an IOT device, embedded with sensors and retail technology to provide real-time data at both growers' end and users' end.

An interactive shopping experience

Our solution enables customers to approach the produces through engagement and targeted advertising strategy. When a product is picked up, its information will be shown to let customers learn more about where the produce comes from, how it is produced and the globalisation of the supply chain.

With our tailor-made web App, users can rate the products and gain real-time information. Such interaction provide a fair and transparent platform for both end users, operators and growers to communicate. It creates a better environment for different stakeholders to participate in various ways. Growers learn more about the actual market insight, produce better quality produces, while users learn more about the agricultural elements of the products, hence enhancing knowledge on fruits.


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