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Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Our venture project with Contact Beverage on the innovation of traditional herbal tea drinking culture, fusing technology, IOT and cultural elements into a preventive healthy lifestyle solution.

Our insight for innovation

Our society has evolved into a highly efficient pace where everyone is racing against the clock. Despite the advancements in technologies nowadays, there a large demographic desiring for a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, the urge to pursue a healthier living is often uncared for due to limitation in time, efficiency and choices, especially for millennials.

IOT era, everything Data

Lify is the world's first connected single serve wellness drinking device that delivers personalised herbal drinks at your fingertips. It requires no prior preparation and knowledge in brewing a perfect cup of herbal tea. It is your wellness companion giving you insights on what and how to drink to live a healthy lifestyle. Lify learns about you, give personalised recommendations, weather-based drinking tips as a integrated preventive healthcare solution for active citizens. The concept is inspired by traditional Chinese herbal drinking methodology, where it is a time-honoured health drink that has various benefits during different seasons of a year. Each person has a different type of body condition requiring different needs and Lify is here to learn as you go, helping you to feel better.

A platform-run model

Our project modernises the tradition herbal tea brewing method into a lifestyle experience, providing a safe, convenient and holistic solution to our users. Our wellness tea blends include Unesco-listed tea from cities in China, as well as fusion wellness tea meeting East and West.

Our innovation consists of a Wellness Herbal Brewer, proprietary Wellness Herbal Disc, a Lify APP and a connected cloud data library platform. The brewer is connected with the APP for interactive experiences, including features of automatically adjusting brewing parameters to deliver the optimum temperature, pressure and brewing time via our Lify APP, analysing users' lifestyle habits, body conditions hence recommending tailor made drinking programs, available to purchase in-App.

The proprietary herbal technology

The wellness herbal disc is designed to contain fresh and natural herbs that are well blended with various ingredients. It has a inner partition that increases its atmosphere pressure during pre-brewing stage, allowing the best flavour of the tea blends to be released. The outer packaging is made out of layers of materials to ensure the freshness hence addressing the sustainability aspect, providing a fully integration experience to our herbal tea lovers.

We have teamed up with Chinese medicinal practitioners and researchers to analysis the active ingredients in each herbal blend and to explore how we can extract the most beneficial functions and flavour with our brewing technology.


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